Wyck Luxury Candles are available at selected stores and events, and you can now buy candles from the comfort of home.  Browse our range of candles below, including scented & unscented pillars and beautifully boxed votives.

  • Décor Pillar Candles Décor Pillar Candles

    Individually hand poured and highly scented natural wax pillar candles - our Décor range of pillars contain the finest fragrant and...

  • Scented Votive Candles Décor Votive Candles

    Highly scented and individually hand poured natural wax votive candles. Containing the finest fragrant and essential oils with pure cotton...

  • Wyck Australian Range

    Wyck's home is the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park, which has inspired us to create the Wyck Australian Range of scented ...

  • Unscented Pillar Candles Unscented Pillar Candles

    Individually hand poured natural wax pillar candles. Our Unscented range of pillars contain pure cotton wicks and are wrapped in 100%...

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